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The 15th Annual West Coast Research Symposium

August 30–September 1, 2017
Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

The annual West Coast Research Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship aspires to provide an intellectually stimulating experience, map the theoretical domain of technology entrepreneurship, and build community. The symposium showcases cutting-edge work by technology entrepreneurship researchers from the West Coast and around the world.

This is a great opportunity for faculty and students to share contemporary work in the field of technology entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy.

Submit your paper for the 2017 WCRS here.

If accepted, a registration fee of $150 will be required from non-sponsoring school presenters. Click here to see our sponsors.

Presentation Requirements:
Only a faculty member may present an accepted paper at the conference. Doctoral students may submit co-authored papers with faculty members, but a faculty member must present the work. (Doctoral students are encouraged to apply for the Doctoral Workshop, and to stay and attend the 2-day conference.) 

Doctoral Student Workshop

A one-day workshop for doctoral students will be held on August 30, 2017, prior to the WCRS. Students selected for the workshop will be invited to attend the two-day research symposium. Click here for more information or on the “Doctoral Consortium” tab above for information about last year’s program details.

Contact Information:

Ania Husak
Alberta School of Business
Technology and Commercialization Centre