What we do

The West Coast Research Symposium was conceived as a unique arena where the latest research findings pertaining to technology entrepreneurship could be discussed in a collegial, highly charged and well-informed setting. The symposium uniquely serves as a forum for the presentation and dissemination of research focused on technology entrepreneurship. Participants include faculty and doctoral students from the sponsoring schools as well as others from West Coast universities and indeed, the rest of the country and the World.

Our intent is to improve existing research, stimulate novel research ideas, and foster new relationships and research collaborations. Additionally, the symposium also addresses a significant barrier to research collaboration on the West Coast – i.e., the concentration of research and university education within a relatively small number of large universities that are physically distant from one another.

Thus, the symposium is also an attempt to bridge the physical distances between premier West Coast institutions, and bring together like-minded faculty and doctoral students annually to discuss and debate trends in technology entrepreneurship research.